Attention Retriever Owners who want to raise and train a skilled gun dog…

FINALLY! After Years Of Hard Work Our Labor Of Love Is About To Be Released And We Want You To Be Apart Of It


Take this opportunity to become a “Founding Club Member” and access to the best tips, techniques and tools to help raise your Best Friend in the same way you would want to raise a child – with love, respect, and boundaries

Yes, I'm in for a $399.00 Lifetime Membership

Dear friend,

You know me.

You know that I am passionate about retrievers. In fact, I've built my life around that passion.

And it's that passion that has inspired me to share with others a system for helping create the best retriever you have ever had.

I have raised, trained and hunted retrievers for over 37 years.

I have literally studied and tried multiple techniques from across the board, so long as I felt it was humane and practical and made sense. Some of these techniques worked well. Some really didn’t work for me.

I've had one goal in mind – always find what helps the dog and trainer the most. Don’t get stuck in dogma that there is only one way to train. Be open minded and seek a better way.

I believe we have found that better way.

Tell me, are you tired of hunting with friends who have - Breaking Dogs - Whining Dogs – Dogs That Won’t Sit Still?

Is there any worse in the duck blind?

For me there is nothing as sweet as a well-trained retriever. That silent, steady, driven dog that u forget is there until you need him.

What about manners at home?

So many dogs are hard to live with - What about taking the pup out in public? I know you have seen dogs pulling their owners around by the leash completely oblivious to the owner’s commands. In fact those dogs are in charge - not their owners – Don’t be one of those owners!

On the flip side you see your hunting buddies misusing the Ecollar.

Shocking their poor dogs out of the owner’s own ignorance or even worse - plain cruelty!

And how many times have you seen a silly dog owner carrying around a bag of treats just so their fully - grown dog will listen and obey them.

What happens when that treat only trained dog sees another dog and wants to play and forgets about those treats?

You see there is a better way. There is a Balanced way.

Yes - you should build the dog up and make it think it can do anything – BUT, at the same time that bold confident dog must obey!

So how can you get there? How can u help develop that pup that feels 10 ft. tall while at the same time minds you flawlessly?

And the solution came one day while I was training one of my dogs: why don’t I create a platform where I’d post all my techniques, tips, tricks, everything I know in the form of a video training, and you could just log in, find the information you need, and watch it as many times as you need and want.

And we created it.

Let me introduce you to…

Retriever University is a collection of my 37-year-long experience, packaged into bite-sized videos that you can watch wherever you want.

Each video cover a single topic, and it’s 100% practical, so you can watch the video and implement it on your retriever’s training right away.

Here are some of the tips and lessons you’ll find inside Retriever University:

  • How to Pick the right Pup
  • How to create a bold yet focused pup from the time you bring it home
  • How to CRATE TRAIN to quickly house train your pup
  • Why socializing a pup matters?
  • How to introduce decoys
  • What is “ FETCH GAME” and WHY Teach it
  • Why use Place Boards in making the lesson black and white
  • What is a Box Drill and Why use it?
  • What is a Poison Bird?
  • How to USE or NOT use an Ecollar – it’s your choice
  • How to STEADY a pup correctly
  • What is SUCTION?
  • How to Teach Blind Retrieves so the pup runs boldly and with STYLE
  • How to teach a REMOTE SIT – this is a big one -most trainers are intimidated to even try
  • The easiest way to teach CASTING
  • How to run Memory Retrieves even at young ages to build a dog that lines like a Rockstar
  • How NOT to make your pup GUN SHY
  • The Best way to teach your pup to HONOR other Dogs

And MUCH more.

In fact, here’s just one example of training videos that you’ll find inside:


And new training videos are added each month.

These are the same tricks and techniques we’ve used at Sporting Life Kennels to have trained over 1000 dogs with great success.

I will give you step by step instructions - We will include schematics to follow - Daily training sheets – Diagrams – Photographs – Articles - FACEBOOK LIVES to answer your burning questions.

Also – MEMBERS will be invited to join the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP – where our community will help and support each other.

So how much does this cost?

Here’s the deal:


 You can get a lifetime membership for just one payment of $399.00

Yes, I'm in for a $399.00 lifetime Membership

And as if this wasn’t enough, I decided to go one step further, just for you.

If, for any reason, you don’t like the trainings inside, and you feel that in any way you wasted your money, just email me.

You are covered by my 30-Day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Get the trainings. Watch them. Try them on your dog.

If you don’t like any part of it, just let me know and I’ll get you your money back.

Plus, you get to keep the t-shirt, as my way of saying sorry for wasting your time.

You have ZERO risks here.

That’s how confident I am that you’ll love Retriever University.


So, to recap. When you join the Retriever University you get:

  • Immediate access to all current video training's, and to all future training's that are released weekly
  • A priority access to the future programs, events, and products that we’re planning
  • A unique 30-day no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee


Yes, I'm in!

See you inside,

Marty Roberts
Sporting Life Kennels, Founder and CEO


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