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We made this online training for dog & puppy owners just like you.
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"If I had to do this over again I would be purchase the Retriever University Program before ever buying a gun dog. Marty has hit a homerun with this program. He has created one of the most comprehensive online gun dog training tools on the market! The Retriever University courses have helped build a foundation for me and my dog that I use every day. They help you guide your dog from a puppy to a well-mannered accomplished gun dog. Marty lays out a format that is very easy to follow and understand. This is the best purchase I have made in a long time!"

Allen Bliven

"We've used the Retriever University system to train several of our Labradors, as well as many client dogs with great success. Oak Lane Retrievers fully endorses RU to our many followers, and clients. RU’s training is straight forward and easy to understand for people new to the gun dog world as well as experienced trainers. "

Kristy Bowditch
Owner Oak Lane Retrievers

"Boy, what an awesome tool! Marty has knocked this out of the park! Words can’t describe the rewarding feeling of having a really good dog, especially when you train the dog yourself. At 6 months, I invested in RU and we haven’t looked back. Marty has been very helpful whenever we hit obstacles. The best part of it was having my dog with me during training. "

Butch Sowell

1500+ Dogs Trained

We have successfully trained over 1500 dogs across United States, Canada and  Mexico.

2000+ Happy Dog Owners

Gun dogs, family pets...well-mannered, happy dogs loved by their owners.


We know that training a dog to be a great hunting companion is often difficult. It takes time, research, and extra energy to mold what you are looking for. And who has the time to comb through the internet to find a reliable video or article that will help you. No need to search anymore.

RU brings everything you need (videos, lesson plans, even a store partner) for you to use your time training in your backyard or the field and not spending your time trying to find the resources. From a puppy to a mature dog, there is training for all ages and skill levels. So let us do the research while you do the hunting.

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Check this out an interview with Marty Smith of ESPN for SEC Traditions for Academy Sports

Let Marty show you just how easy it can be to train your gun dog.

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We know what you are going through because we have been there. We have grinded it out. We have tested the various methods through years of training.

Marty and his team at Sporting Life Kennels have trained over 1500 dogs using these methods with Great success. We are known as having “Happy Dogs”. Our goal is to teach you the technique’s that have made so many dog owners proud of their retriever.

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